SWD9515 planted roof root puncture resistance special polyurea waterproof protective coating


SWD9515 planted roof root puncture resistance special polyurea waterproof protective coating

short description:

SWD9515 is a 100% solid content aromatic polyurethane elastomer. It has excellent puncture resistance,penetration resistance, anti-corrosion and waterproof performance, which can effectively prevent the puncture of plant roots, to avoid water leakage caused by plant puncture. SWD polyurea has been widely used in the planted roof projects in China and abroad.

Product Detail

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Product features and advantages

*Solvent free, 100% solid content, safe, environmentally friendly and odor free.

*Rapid cure, can be sprayed forming on any bent, slope and vertical surfaces, no sagging.

*Dense coating, seamless, with good flexibility.

*Strong adhesive strength, fast bonding well on steel, concrete, wood, glass fibers and other substrates.

*Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance

*Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkali, salts etc.

*Excellent puncture resistance against plant root, penetration resistance and waterproof

*Good shock absorbing performance

*Excellent resistance to temperature variation

*Fast cure, application site back to service quickly

*Excellent durability to reduce maintenance cost of service life

*Extend the service life of sprayed structure

Product Applications

Root resistance waterproof protection of roof garden, urban square and other planted roof

Product information

Item A B


Appearance Pale yellow liquid Adjustable color
Specific gravity (g/m³) 1.13 1.04
Viscosity(cps)@25℃ 810 670
Solid content (%)  100 100
Mixing ratio(volume ratio)  0 0
Gel time(second)@25℃ 1 1
Dry time(second) 3-5
Theoretical Coverage (dft) 1.02kg/㎡ film thickness:1mm

Physical properties of products

Items Test standard Result
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D-2240 89
Elongation rate(%) ASTM D-412 450
Tensile strength(Mpa) ASTM D-412 17
Tear strength (N/km) ASTM D-624 65
Impermeability(0.3Mpa/30min) HG/T 3831-2006 impermeable
Wear resistance (750g/500r)/mg HG/T 3831-2006 4.2
Adhesive strength(Mpa)concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 3.4
Adhesive strength(Mpa) steel base HG/T 3831-2006 11
Density(g/cm³) GB/T 6750-2007 1.02
Cathodic disbondment [1.5v,(65±5)℃,48h] HG/T 3831-2006 ≤15mm

Application note

Agitate part B uniform prior to application, thoroughly mix the deposited pigments, or the product quality will be affected.

spray polyurea within the proper time if the substrate surface is primed. For the application method and interval time of SWD polyurea speical primer please refer to SWD companies’ other brochure.

Always apply SWD spray polyurea on a small area before large application to check the mix ratio, color and spray effect are correct. For detailed information of application please refer to the latest instruction sheet of the application instructions of SWD spray polyurea series.

Product cure time

Substrate temperature Dry Foot traffic Solid dry
+10℃ 20s  45min 7d
+20℃ 15s  15min 6d
+30℃ 12s  5min 5d

Note: the curing time varies with the environment condition especially the temperature and relative humidity.

Shelf life

*From the manufacturer date and on the original package sealed condition:

A:10 months

B:10 months

*storage temperature:+5-35°C

Packing: Part A 210kg/drum, part B 200kg/drum

Make sure the product package sealed well

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunshine exposure.

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