SWD969 Metallic anticorrosion coatings


SWD969 Metallic anticorrosion coatings

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SWD969 is composed of high-performance anti-corrosion resin as film-forming base, it added bright metallic flakes materials. Its film-forming resin contains a large number of ether bonds, urea bonds, biuret bonds, urethane bonds and hydrogen bonds, which makes the film-forming coating dense and tough, with excellent mechanical and physical properties and anti-corrosion properties. After pretreatment, the metal flakes material can be evenly and orderly arranged during film formation. Due to its outstanding length diameter ratio and strong anti-corrosion ability, it will greatly prolong the penetration and damage of corrosive medium during application, so that the coating can play the role of thick film coating acted under thin conditions. The selected metallic materials are bright flakes, which can effectively reflect light and heat radiation, achieve the effect of cooling and energy saving, make the building environment more comfortable, and the stored materials more stable. The metal flakes in the coating are overlapped from bottom to top, so that the coating has a conductive effect, which can prevent electrostatic accumulation and make the production area safe.

Product Detail

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Product application scope

Anti corrosion protection of petroleum, chemical, transportation, construction, electric power and other industrial enterprises, especially storage tanks, chemical equipment, steel structures, embedded parts (including conductive type), roofs and walls of production workshops and storage rooms.

Product features and advantages

*Excellent corrosion resistance, thin coating can also play the role of thick film coating.

With excellent adhesion and low surface treatment requirements, it can be directly applied to the surface of metal workpieces, which not only has the effect of primer, but also has the function of top coating.

The coating is dense and tough, which can resist cyclic stress damage. Excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, resistant to erosion and damage of a variety of chemical corrosion media, such as salt spray, acid rain, etc. Excellent aging resistance, no crack and no pulverization for outdoor use. The coating can reflect light and heat in the sun to achieve the effect of cooling and energy saving. It has the ability of conducting to prevent static electricity from gathering. One component material, hand applied coating is convenient to use and can be applied in a variety of application modes. 

Product physical properties

Item Results
Appearance Metallic silver
Viscosity (cps )@20℃ 250
Solid content(%) ≥68
Surface dry time (h) 4
Pot life (h) 2
Theoretical Coverage 0.125kg/m2(thickness 60um)

Typical physical properties

Item Test standard Results
Pencil hardness   H
Adhesive strength(Mpa)metal base HG/T 3831-2006 9.3
Adhesive strength(Mpa)concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 2.8
Impermeability   2.1Mpa
Bending test (cylindrical shaft)   ≤1mm
Abrasion resistance (750g/500r) mg HG/T 3831-2006 5
Impact resistance  kg·cm                 GB/T 1732 50
Anti-aging, accelerated aging 1000h GB/T14522-1993 Loss of light<1, chalking <1

Test performance

Item Test standard Result
Pencil hardness GB/T 6739-2006 H
Bending test (cylindrical shaft) mm GB/T 6742-1986 2
Surface resistance,Ω GB/T22374-2008 108
Impact resistance  (kg·cm) GB/T 1732-1993 50
Temperature denaturation resistance (200 ℃, 8 h) GB/T1735-2009 Normal
Adhesion (MPA) steel substrate GB/T5210-2006 8
Density g/cm3 GB/T 6750-2007 1.1

Corrosion resistance

Acid resistance 35% H2SO4 or 15%HCl,240h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Alkali resistance 35%NaOH, 240h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Salt resistance, 60g/L,240h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Salt spray resistance,3000h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Artificial aging resistance,2000h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Wet resistance,1000h No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
Oil resistance, 0# Diesel oil, crude oil,30d No bubbles, no rust, no crack, no peel off
(For reference only: pay attention to volatilization, splash corrosion and overflow. If detailed data are required, it is recommended that the user conduct immersion test by himself)

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