SWD9526 single component thick film polyurea


SWD9526 single component thick film polyurea

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SWD9526 is a single component aromatic thick film polyurea anticorrosion waterproof coating material. It cures to form a thick-film membrane that provides excellent adhesive strength with concrete and steel structure, easy to apply without need of special polyurea spray machine. Because of the unique chemical structure, it is an ideal material for waterproof anticorrosion protection with high chemical resistance and waterproofing. The high elasticity and high strength makes it most suitable for building walls waterproof, seal water of structure crack and expansion joint, anti-seepage and leak stopping of harbor docks and dams.

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Product features and advantages

* high solid content, low VOC

* easy application method, use scraper to scratch the coat. Special polyurea spray machine is not needed, one hand thick film

* excellent wearable, impact resistance, resistance to scratch

* excellent waterproofing

* excellent resistance to chemical media, can withstand certain concentration of acid, alkali, oil, salt and organic solvent

* excellent adhesive strength, fast bond to the surface of steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass and other substrate.

* wide application temperature, can be applied on -50℃~120℃

*single component material, easy to apply that reduce the labor cost.

Application scopes

Waterproof of construction, water conservancy, transportation, chemical and power plants, such as the crack repair of highway, pavement, airport runway, leak repair of water conservancy, offshore dam and port dock repair etc.

Product information

Item Results
Appearance Color is adjustable
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.1
Viscosity (cps )@20℃ 5000
Solid content (%) ≥80
surface dry time (hrs) 1-3
Pot life (hrs) 0.5h
theoretical coverage 0.59kg/m2(thickness 500um)

Physical properties

Item Test standard results
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D-2240 88
Elongation (%) ASTM D-412 >310
tensile strength (Mpa) ASTM D-412 20
Tear strength (kN/m) ASTM D-624 68
abrasion resistance(750g/500r),mg HG/T 3831-2006 5
Adhesive strength (Mpa) steel base HG/T 3831-2006 10
Adhesive strength (Mpa) concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 3.3
impact resistance (kg.m) GB/T23446-2009 1.0
Density (g/cm3) GB/T 6750-2007 1.1

Chemical resistance

Acid resistance 30%H2SO4 or10%HCl,30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Alkali resistance 30%NaOH, 30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt resistance 30g/L,30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt spray resistance, 2000h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Oil resistance no bubbles, no peel off
0# diesel, crude oil, 30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
(For reference: pay attention to the influence of ventilation, splash and spillage. Independent immersion testing is recommended if requiring detail data.)

Application instructions

Environment temperature: -5 ~35℃

Relative humidity: 35-85%

Dew point: when apply on metal surface, the temperature must be 3℃ higher than dew point.

Application guidance

Recommended dft: 500-1000um (or based on the design requirements)

Recoat interval: 2-4h, if exceed 24h or have dusts on the surface, use sandpaper to blasting then apply it.

Recommended application method: use scraper to scratch.


It can be used in the temperature below 10℃. When apply in extreme low temperature, keep the coating barrel in the air conditioning room for 24 hrs.

SWD advises to mix the coating barrel uniform, seal the package well after use to avoid moisture absorption. Not to put the poured out material into the original barrel again.

Viscosity is fixed before shipped, thinner shall not be random added. Instruct the manufacturer in special situation to add thinner.

Curing time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time Foot traffic Solid cure
+10℃ 4h 24h 7d
+20℃ 1.5h 8h 6d
+30℃ 1h 6h 5d

Shelf life

Storage temperature of environment: 5-35℃

* shelf life: 6 months (sealed)

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid sunshine direct exposure, keep away from heat.

* Package: 4kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel.

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