SWD moisture cure urethane on bridges


SWD moisture cure urethane on bridges

short description:

SWD moisture cure polyurethane industrial anticorrosion protective coating takes one component polyurethane resin polymer as raw material. The film membrane is dense, compact and elastic, it can adapt to the slight deformation without cracks from vibration and weather changes on various metal structure of industrial enterprises. It avoids the penetration of air, moisture and other corrosion media to be anti rust of metal structure. The coating film has a lot of urea bond, biuret bond, urethane bond and hydrogen bond to make excellent physical properties and anticorrosion performance.

Product Detail

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Features and advantages

* excellent adhesive strength, bond solid with carbon steel, concrete and other substrates.

* coating membrane is dense and flexible, to withstand the damage of cyclic stress failure

* high solid content and meet the requirements of environmentally friendly

*excellent mechanical property, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance

*excellent waterproof

*excellent anticorrosion property and resistance to many chemical rust medium such as salt spray, acid rain.

*excellent anti-aging, no crack and no powder after long term outdoor use.

*hand brushable coating, easy to apply, multiple application method is suitable

*single component, easy application without need of mix ratio with other parts.

Typical use

Anticorrosion waterproof protection in the industrial enterprises of oil, chemistry, transportation, construction, power plant etc.

Product information

Item Results
Appearance Color adjustable
Viscosity (cps )@20℃ 250
Solid content (%) ≥65
surface dry time (h) 2-4
Pot life (h) 1
theoretical coverage 0.13kg/m2(thickness 100um)

Physical property

Item Test standard Results
pencil hardness GB/T 6739-2006 2H
bending test (cylindrical mandrel) mm GB/T 6742-1986 1
breakdown resistance strength (kv/mm) HG/T 3330-1980 250
impact resistance (kg·cm) GB/T 1732 60
resistance to temperature changes (-40--150℃) 24h GB/9278-1988 Normal
adhesive strength (Mpa), metal base ASTM D-3359 5A (highest)
density g/cm3 GB/T 6750-2007 1.03

Chemical resistance

Acid resistance 50% H2SO4 or15%HCl, 30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Alkali resistance 50%NaOH, 30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt resistance, 50g/L,30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt spray resistance, 2000h No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Oil resistance 0# diesel, crude oil, 30d No bubbles, no peel off
( For reference: pay attention to the influence of ventilation, splash and spillage. Independent immersion testing is recommended if requires other specific data.)

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