SWD900 spray polyurea elastomer anticorrosion waterproof protective coating


SWD900 spray polyurea elastomer anticorrosion waterproof protective coating

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SWD900 is a 100% solid content aromatic polyurea elastomer. It has excellent waterproof anticorrosion and abrasion resistance property which has been widely applied in the industrial and commercial filed for the anticorrosion waterproof protection.

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    Product features and advantages

    *Solvent free, 100% solids, safe, environmentally friendly and odor free.

    *Rapid cure, can be sprayed forming on any bent, slope and vertical surfaces without sagging.

    *Dense coating, seamless, with good flexibility.

    *High adhesive strength, fast bonding well on steel, concrete, wood, glass fibers and other substrates. 

    *Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance

    *Excellent anticorrosion and chemical resistance to acids, alkali, salts etc.

    *Excellent waterproof performance

    *Good shock absorbing performance

    *Excellent resistance to temperature variation

    *Fast cure, application site back to service quickly

    *Excellent durability to reduce maintenance cost for lifelong

    *Extend the service life of sprayed structure

    Application scopes

    Anticorrosion and waterproof protection of construction, chemicals, transportation, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace, marine, shipbuilding and other fields.

    Product information

    Item Part A Part B
    Appearance Pale yellow liquid Adjustable color
    Specific gravity (g/m³) 1.12 1.05
    Viscosity(cps)@25℃ 800 650
    Solid content (%) 100 100
    Mix ratio(by volume) 1 1
    Gel time (second)@25℃ 4-6
    Surface dry time(second) 15-40
    Theoretical coverage (dft) 1.08kg/㎡ film thickness:1mm

    Typical physical properties

    Item Test standard Result
    Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D-2240 92
    Elongation rate(%) ASTM D-412 480
    Tensile strength(Mpa) ASTM D-412 19
    Tear strength (kN/m) ASTM D-624 68
    Impermeability (0.3Mpa/30min) HG/T 3831-2006 Impermeable
    Wear resistance(750g/500r)/mg HG/T 3831-2006 4.2
    Adhesive strength(Mpa)concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 3.2
    Adhesive strength(Mpa) steel base HG/T 3831-2006 11.3
    Density(g/cm³) GB/T 6750-2007 1.02
    Cathodic disbondment [1.5v,(65±5)℃, 48h] HG/T 3831-2006 ≤15mm

    Chemical resistance

    Acid resistance 10%H2SO4 or 10%HCI,30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
    Alkali resistance 10% NaOH, 30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
    Salt resistance 30g/L,30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
    Salt spray resistance, 2000h No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
    Oil resistance 0# diesel, crude, 30d No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
    (For reference: the above data is acquired based on GB/T9274-1988 test standard. Pay attention to the influence of ventilation, splash and spillage. Independent immersion testing is recommended if requires other specific data)

    Application environment

    Environment temperature 0℃-45℃
    Product pre-heat temperature 65℃-70°C
    Pipe pre-heat temperature 55℃-65℃
    Relative humidity ≤90%
    Dew point ≥3℃

    Application guide

    Recommend spray machine GRACO H-XP3 Polyurea spray equipment
    Spray gun Fusion-air purge or mechanical purge
    Static pressure 2300-2500psi
    Dynamic pressure 2000-2200psi
    Recommend film thickness 1000-3000μm
    Recoating interval ≤6h

    Application note

    Agitate part B uniform prior to application, thoroughly mix the deposited pigments, or the product’s quality will be affected.

    Spray polyurea within the proper time if the substrate surface is primed. For the application method and interval time of SWD polyurea speical primer please refer to SWD company’s other brochure.

    Always apply SWD900 on a small area before large application to check the mix ratio, color and spray effect are correct. For detailed information of application please refer to the latest instruction sheet of the application instructions of SWD spray polyurea series.

    Product curing time

    Substrate temperature Dry Foot traffic Solid dry
    +10℃ 30s  45min 7d
    +20℃ 23s  15min 6d
    +30℃ 17s  5min 5d

    Note: the curing time varies with the environment condition especially the temperature and relative humidity.

    Shelf life

    * From the manufacturer date and on original package sealed condition:

    Part A: 10 months

    Part B: 10 months

    *storage temperature:+5-35°C

    Packing: Part A 210kg/drum, part B 200kg/drum

    Make sure the product package sealed well

    * store in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunshine exposure.

    Product health and safety information

    For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related data.

    Integrity declaration

    SWD guarantees all technical data stated in this sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual testing methods may vary due to different circumstances. Therefore please test and verify its applicability. SWD does not take any other responsibilities except the product quality and reserve the right of any modifications on the listed data without prior notice.

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