SWD168L polyurea special hole-sealing putty


SWD168L polyurea special hole-sealing putty

short description:

SWD168 polyurea special hole-sealing putty is polyurethane modified putty, which has long pot life, easy to apply, and with high hole-sealing performance and excellent interlayer adhesive strength.

Product Detail

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Product features and advantages

*The coating is seamless, tough and compact

*Strong adhesion, excellent impact resistance, collision resistance and wear resistance

*Excellent anti-corrosion and chemical resistance, such as acid, alkali, salt, etc

Application scopes

It is suitable for leveling, joint filling and hole sealing of metal base, concrete and cement mortar plastering.

Product information

Item Results
Appearance Flat and bubble free
Solid content (%) ≥90(liquid, no quartz sand added)
pot life  h  (25℃) 1
Surface dry time (h) ≤3
Mixing ratio A:B=1:1, liquid: quartz sand=1:1-2
Solid dry time(h) ≤12
Theoretical coverage (dft) 0.7kg/m2( thickness 1000 um)

Physical properties

Item Result
Adhesive strength Concrete base: ≥4.0Mpa (or substrate failure)

Steel base: ≥8Mpa

Impact resistance (kg·cm) 50
Salt water resistance, 360h No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Acid resistance (5%H2SO4168h) No rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Temperature variation resistance (-40—+120℃) Unchanged

Application environment

Environment temperature: 5-38℃

Relative humidity: 35-85%

The concrete surface should be PH<10, the substrate water content less than 10%

Dew point ≥3℃

Application tips

Recommended dft: 1000 um

Interval time: min 3h, max 168h, if the maximum interval time is exceeded or there is dust on the surface, it is recommended to use sandpaper to polish and clean before application.

Coating method: scraping

Application note

To ensure the surface is perfect and clean, remove the oil, mold, dust and other attached dirt on the surface, also remove the loose part to make sure it is solid and dry.

Mix the paint evenly before use, pour out the amount to use up, and close the lid immediately. The mixed paint must be used up within 60 minutes. Do not return the remaining products to the original paint barrel.

Mix part A and part B in right ratio, then mix with quartz sand or quartz powder together for use.

Do not add organic solvents or other coatings.

Curing time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time Foot traffic Solid dry
+10℃ 6h 24h 7d
+20℃ 4h 12h 7d
+30℃ 2h 6h 7d

Product cure time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time Foot traffic Solid dry time
+10℃ 2h 24h 7d
+20℃ 1.5h 8h 7d
+30℃ 1h 6h 7d

Note: the curing time is different with environment condition especially when temperature and relative humidity changes.

Shelf life

* storage temperature: 5℃-32℃

* shelf life: 12 months (sealed)

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunshine, keep away from heat

* package: 20kg/bucket

Product health and safety information

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related data.

Integrity declaration

SWD guarantee all technical data stated in this sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual testing methods may vary due to different circumstances. Therefore please test and verify its applicability. SWD does not take any other responsibilities except the product quality and reserve the right of any modifications on the listed data without prior notice.

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