SWD8009 two components sealing penetration  concrete special polyurea primer


SWD8009 two components sealing penetration concrete special polyurea primer

short description:

SWD8009 two component sealing penetration concrete special polyurea primer takes high performance polyurethane resin pre polymer and high polymer as main film material. It has high fluidity and strong penetration into the substrate, seal the pinholes of concrete and has high adhesive strength. The coating film is eco friendly, it can greatly increase the adhesive strength when apply on concrete or other surface.

Product Detail

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Product features and advantages

* greatly increase the adhesive strength of concrete substrate and coatings

* low viscosity, high fluidity

* excellent sealing and penetration property

* excellent anticorrosion property

* excellent waterproof moisture resistance

* stable resistance to temperature change

* compatible with the following coating film

* avoid bubbles and increase the service life

* high coverage rate to save cost

Application scopes

Substrate surface anticorrosion coating for concrete, marble, ceramic tiles and wood.

Product information

Item A component B component
Appearance light yellow liquid Color adjustable
Specific gravity(g/m³) 1.02 1.05
Viscosity (cps)@25℃ 220 260
Solid content (%)  >60% >60%
Mix ratio (by weight)  3 2
Surface dry time (h) 1-3 h
Recoating interval (h) Min 3 h; max 24h (20℃)
Theoretical coverage (DFT) 0.09kg/㎡ film thickness 50μm

Typical physical properties

Item Test standard Results
Tensile strength (dry concrete surface) Mpa ASTM D-3359 3.5 ( or substrate broken)
Impact resistance (kg.cm) GB/T 1732 60
Abrasion resistance (750g/500r) mg GB/T 1732 11
Temperature variation (-40+180℃) 24h                 GB/9278-1988 Normal
Density g/cm3 GB/T 6750-2007 1.02

Chemical resistance

Acid resistance 40%H2SO4 or 10%HCI,30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Alkali resistance 50%NaOH, 30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt resistance 50g/L, 30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt spray resistance 1000h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Oil resistance, 0# diesel, crude oil, 30d no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
(For reference: Pay attention to the influence of ventilation, splash and spillage. Independent immersion testing is recommended if requires other specific data)

Application environment

Environment temperature: -5 ~+ 35℃

Relative humidity: RH%:35-85%

Dew point: ≥3℃

Application guide

Recommend dft: 20-40μm

Recoating interval time: 3-24h

Recommended coating method: brush, roller, airless spray, air spray

Application note

The concrete surface must be completely dry, clean, compact, with no grease or stains, if there has some obvious cracks and breaking area, it should be fixed in advance. Make sure to clean up the surface with air grinding or vacuum method prior to apply SWD8009.

This product can be applied on the temperature under -10℃. When apply on the very low temperature, put the material drums in the air-conditioning room for more than24h.

SWD recommends to agitate the coating uniformly prior to application, use up the mixed materials within 1 hour. Don’t pour the rest liquid to the original bucket.

The viscosity of product is set up in the factory, thinner shall not be random added by the applicators. Call the manufacturer for instructions to add special thinner if the viscosity changed with the application environment and humidity.

Product curing time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time Foo traffic Solid cure time
+10℃ 3h 24h 7d
+20℃ 2h 12h 7d
+30℃ 1h 8h 7d

Shelf life

* storage temperature: 5℃-32℃

* shelf life (from the date and production and in sealed condition):

Part A: 12 months

Part B: 12 months

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunshine, keep away from heat

* package: part A: 25kg/bucket, part B:25kg/bucket

Product health and safety information

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related data.

Integrity declaration

SWD guarantee all technical data stated in this sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual testing methods may vary due to different circumstances. Therefore please test and verify its applicability. SWD does not take any other responsibilities except the product quality and reserve the right of any modifications on the listed data without prior notice.

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