SWD8032 solvent free polyaspartic anticorrosion coating


SWD8032 solvent free polyaspartic anticorrosion coating

short description:

SWD8032 is a solvent free polyaspartic coating

SWD8032 is a two-component high-performance anti-corrosion decorative top coating, with aliphatic polyaspartic resin prepolymer as the main film-forming material, with excellent alcohol scrubbing resistance, color-changing resistance and weather resistance.

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    Features and benefits

    * high solids, low density, with good leveling, the coating film is tough, dense, full bright

    * excellent adhesive strength, good compatible with polyurethane, epoxy and other material.

    * high hardness, good scratch resistance and stain resistance

    * excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance

    * excellent anticorrosion property, resistance to acid, alkali, salt and others.

    * no yellowing, no color change, no pulverization, anti-aging, it has excellent weather resistance and light and color retention.

    * can be used as a topcoat direct to metal surface (DTM)

    * this product is environmentally friendly and contains no benzene solvents and lead compounds.

    * can be applied in the low temperature of -10℃, the coating is dense, fast cure.


    Product information

    Item A component B component
    Appearance light yellow liquid Color adjustable
    Specific gravity(g/m³) 1.05 1.60
    Viscosity (cps)@25℃ 600-1000 800-1500
    Solid content (%) 98 97
    Mix ratio (by weight) 1 2
    Surface dry time (h) 0.5
    Pot life h (25℃) 0.5
    Theoretical coverage (DFT) 0.15kg/㎡ film thickness 100μm

    Typical physical properties

    Item Test standard Results
    Pencile hardness   2H
    Adhesive strength (Mpa) metal base HG/T 3831-2006 9.3
    Adhesive strength (Mpa) concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 3.2
    Impermeability   2.1Mpa
    Bending test (cylindrical axis)   ≤1mm
    Abrasion resistance (750g/500r) mg HG/T 3831-2006 12
    Impact resistance  kg·cm                 GB/T 1732 50
    Anti-aging, accelerated aging 2000h GB/T14522-1993 Loss of light<1, chalking <1

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