SWD8031 solvent free polyaspartic anticorrosion coating


SWD8031 solvent free polyaspartic anticorrosion coating

short description:

SWD8031 is polymerized by the reaction of polyaspartic and polyisocyanate. Since polyaspartic ester is aliphatic sterically hindered secondary amine, and the selected curing component is aliphatic polyisocyanate, the formed coating membrane has high gloss and color retention property, suitable for long-term outdoor use. When the secondary amine group reacts with isocyanate group, it will form a high crosslink density, cross-interpenetrating polymer chain network, that also makes it has excellent physical and chemical performance. It is an updated innovation of anticorrosion product.

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Features and benefits

* high solids, low density, with good leveling, the coating film is tough, dense, full bright

* excellent adhesive strength, good compatible with polyurethane, epoxy and other material.

* high hardness, good scratch resistance and stain resistance

* excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance

* excellent anticorrosion property, resistance to acid, alkali, salt and others.

* no yellowing, no color change, no pulverization, anti-aging, it has excellent weather resistance and light and color retention.

* can be used as a topcoat direct to metal surface (DTM)

* this product is environmentally friendly and contains no benzene solvents and lead compounds.

* can be applied in the low temperature of -10℃, the coating is dense, fast cure.

Application scopes

Anticorrosion and protection of steel structures, storage tanks, containers, valves, natural gas pipelines, frames, axles, shelves, tank trucks, swimming pools, sewage pools, chemical cofferdams, etc.

Product information

Item A component B component
Appearance light yellow liquid Color adjustable
Specific gravity(g/m³) 1.05 1.60
Viscosity (cps)@25℃ 600-1000 800-1500
Solid content (%)  98 97
Mix ratio (by weight)  1 2
Surface dry time (h) 0.5
Pot life h (25℃) 0.5
Theoretical coverage (DFT) 0.15kg/㎡ film thickness 100μm

Typical physical properties

Item Test standard Results
Pencile hardness   2H
Adhesive strength (Mpa) metal base HG/T 3831-2006 9.3
Adhesive strength (Mpa) concrete base HG/T 3831-2006 3.2
Impermeability   2.1Mpa
Bending test (cylindrical axis)   ≤1mm
Abrasion resistance (750g/500r) mg HG/T 3831-2006 12
Impact resistance  kg·cm                 GB/T 1732 50
Anti-aging, accelerated aging 2000h GB/T14522-1993 Loss of light<1, chalking <1

Chemical resistance

Acid resistance 35%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 240h   no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Alkali resistance 35%NaOH, 240h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt resistance 60g/L, 240h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Salt spray resistance 3000h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Oil resistance, engine oil, 240h no rust, no bubbles, no peel off
Waterproof, 48h No bubbles, no wrinkled,no color-changing, no peel off
(For reference: the above data is acquired based on GB/T9274-1988 test standard. Pay attention to the influence of ventilation, splash and spillage. Independent immersion testing is recommended if requires other specific data)

Application temperature

environment temperature -5~+35℃
humidity ≤85%
dew point ≥3℃

Application instructions

Hand brush, roller

Two component ratio-variable high pressure airless spray machine

Recommend dft: 200-500μm

Recoating interval: min 0.5h, max 24h

Application tips

Agitate part B uniform prior to application.

Strictly mix the 2 parts in right ratio and agitate uniform, use up the mixed material in 30 minutes.

Seal the package well after use to avoid moisture absorption.

Keep the application site clean and dry, forbidden to contact with water, alcohols, acids, alkali etc

Product cure time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time Foot traffic Solid dry time
+10℃ 2h 12h 7d
+20℃ 1h 6h 5d
+30℃ 0.5h 4h 3d

Note: the curing time is different with environment condition especially when temperature and relative humidity changes.

Shelf life

Storage temperature of environment: 5-35℃

* shelf life is from the manufacturing date and in sealed condition

Part A: 10 months     Part B: 10 months

* keep the package drum well sealed.

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid sunshine exposure.

Package: part A: 7.5kg/barrel, part B: 15kg/barrel.   

Product health and safety information

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related data.

Integrity declaration

SWD guarantee all technical data stated in this sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual testing methods may vary due to different circumstances. Therefore please test and verify its applicability. SWD does not take any other responsibilities except the product quality and reserve the right of any modifications on the listed data without prior notice.

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