SWD9013 floor special polyurea wearable  anticorrosion protective coating


SWD9013 floor special polyurea wearable anticorrosion protective coating

short description:

SWD9013 floor special polyurea is 100% solid content aromatic polyurea elastomer. It has excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, compared with traditional epoxy and carborundum floor coating be too hard and fragile, this coating is impact resistance and wearable. It also has been used on the food processing and pharmaceutical flooring field because it is 100% solid content, without solvent.

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Product features and advantages

*Solvent free, 100% solid content, safe, environmentally friendly and odor free.

*Rapid cure, can be sprayed forming on any bent, slope and vertical surfaces, no sagging.

*Dense coating, seamless, with good flexibility, good adhesive strength 

*Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance

*Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkali, salts etc.

*Excellent waterproof performance

*Good shock absorbing performance

*Excellent resistance to temperature variation

*Fast cure, application site back to service quickly

*Excellent durability to reduce maintenance cost of service life

*Extend the service life of sprayed structure

Application scopes

Petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, textile, garment and other industries engineering workshop floor. Stadiums, parking lots, supermarkets, department stores, municipal Footbridge flooring project.

Product information

Item Part A Part B
Appearance Pale yellow liquid Adjustable
Specific gravity (g/m³) 1.12 1.05
Viscosity(cps)@25℃ 800 650
Solid content (%) 100 100
Mix ratio(volume ratio) 1 1
Gel time(second)@25℃ 4-6
Surface dry time(second) 15-40
theoretical coverage (dft) 1.02kg/㎡ film thickness:1mm

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