SWD9603 room temperature cure water based  environment friendly internal and external wall putty


SWD9603 room temperature cure water based environment friendly internal and external wall putty

short description:

SWD9603 room temperature cure water based putty is formulated with special water based polymer liquid resin and qualified putty powders that mix at site. It is an economical and practical wall leveling material, white and fineness, good resistance to powder, with high application performance that mains good work-ability at any water conditions. 

Product Detail

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Features and advantages

*Excellent adhesion with wall and coatings

*good crack resistance, can withstand harsh environment of the external wall, and prevent crack

*excellent tensile strength, abrasion resistance and collision resistance

*water repellent, good waterproof and mildew resistance

*excellent anti-aging and weather resistance at outdoor

*it is water based coating, safe eco friendly

*use a scraper application can make a smooth surface, easy and convenient to clean

Typical use

Widely used on the sealing treatment of the internal wall and external wall (including the residential and industrial buildings)

Product information

Item Results
Appearance Color adjustable
Gloss matt
surface dry time (h) Summer: 0.5-1h, winter: 1-2h
theoretical coverage 1kg/m2 (2 layers) flat wall

Physical property

Item Results
Work-ability Without barriers
Stability at low temperature Not perishable
Appearance Normal
Dry time (surface dry time) ≤1h
Water resistance (96h) Normal
Alkali resistance (48h) Normal
Temperature variation of coating (5 times) Normal
powdery ≤ class 1

Application environment

Relative temperature: -5~-+35℃

Relative humidity: RH%:35-85%

Application tips

Recommended dft: 500-1000um

Coating method: scraping

Application note

The building wall must be even, compact, without oil or dusts. The areas that peel off, bubbles or powdery must be cleaned.

The coating surface must be dry prior to apply the second layer.

The application temperature shall be above 5℃.

Curing time

Substrate temperature Surface dry time  Foot traffic Solid dry
+10℃ 3h 8h 7d
+20℃ 1h 4h 7d
+30℃ 0.5h 2h 7d

Shelf Life

* storage temperature: 5℃-35℃

* shelf life: 12 months (sealed)

*make sure the package sealed well

* store in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunshine

* package: 20kg/bucket, 25kg/bucket

Product health and safety information

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety related data.

Integrity declaration

SWD guarantee all technical data stated in this sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual testing methods may vary due to different circumstances. Therefore please test and verify its applicability. SWD does not take any other responsibilities except the product quality and reserve the right of any modifications on the listed data without prior notice.

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