SWD1006 low density spray polyurethane foam US-made wood structure buildings heat & sound insulation materials


SWD1006 low density spray polyurethane foam US-made wood structure buildings heat & sound insulation materials

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Timber structure buildings are very popular in the Europe and America that almost occupied 90% of residential house (Single house or Villa). According to the global market statistics in 2011, the buildings made by North American wood and its matching materials took 70% of global wood structure buildings market share. Before 1980s, rock wool and glass wool was chosen to insulate American wood structure buildings, but then they were found having many Carcinogen bad to human’s health and with inefficient insulation performance. In the 1990s, the American Wood Structure Association proposed that all the wood structure buildings shall apply low density polyurethane foam for heat insulation. It has excellent heat and sound insulation performance, safe and Eco friendly. SWD low density polyurethane spray foam developed by SWD Urethane., USA applied with full-water foaming method, it will not destroy the ozonosphere, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, good insulation effect and price competitive. It has become a priority product for wood structure villa insulation in the American market.

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Applied with advanced full-water foaming technology, it is open-cell low density foam. Without formaldehyde, low VOC content, no hurt to ozonosphere and people’s health, it is a veritable green Eco friendly product which has more than 25% recyclable materials. After sprayed into shape, it firmly sticks with the substrate to form a overall seamless energy effective barrier which can cut down above 40% of airconditioning cost. It isolates dust, odor, moisture and avoid pests, improves the indoor air quality and keeps a comfortable environment, with excellent properties of heat & sound insulation creating a quiet private room, reduce the house loading pressure, anti-quake that greatly improve the residential security.


density 10-12kg/m3
Compressive strength ≥50Kpa
Thermal conductivity ≤0.03w/(m.k)
Water absorption v/v ≤2%
Dimensional stability (70℃, 48h) ≤1%
Combustion performance B2 class

Data of performance

Viscosity(25℃) Component A:250±50mPa.sComponent B: 500±50mPa.s
Mixing time 3S
Cream time 3-6S
Gel time 5-9S
Tack free time 13-20S

Recommended procedures

No. Name of products Thickness
1 Wood structure walls --
2 SWD1006 low density polyurethane foam 8-10cm

Application scope

Heat insulation for wood structure villa or other insulation filling fields

Shelf life

6 months (Indoor with dry and cool conditions)


component A:250kg/bucket. component A:200kg/bucket. 

Production area

Minhang District in Shanghai, Nantong coastal industrial park production base in Jiangsu (15% of the raw materials imported from SWD US, 60% from multinational company in Shanghai, 25% from local support)


To apply this product must be accordance with the relevant     national regulation of sanitation, safety and environment protection. Do not even contact the surface of wet coating.

Global applicability

Our company aims to provide worldwide customers with standard coating products, however custom adjustments can be made to adapt and leverage different regional conditions and international norms. In this case, additional alternative product data will be provided.

Integrity declaration

Our company guarantees the reality of the listed data. Due to the diversity and variability of the application environment, please test and verify it before use. We don’t take any other responsibilities except the coating quality self and reserve the right of modifying the listed data without prior notice.

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