What are the advantages of spraying polyurea?


What are the advantages of spraying polyurea?


As a new coating material, polyurea has completely changed engineers’ understanding of previous coatings. Because no other coating material can withstand the full force of a sledge hammer and the most serious wear as polyurea, and at the same time, it has sufficient flexibility. In case of obvious expansion and contraction leading to concrete cracking or steel structure deformation, the coating film will not break, that is, under abnormal conditions such as pipeline protrusion and subsidence, it can still completely cover the entire workpiece surface. These excellent properties ensure the longevity and reliability of polyurea in engineering application, and its service life of 30-50 years highlights the high cost performance of polyurea.


 Precautions during spraying polyurea


1. Do not carry out application in rainy days. 

2. Ensure good construction environment and ventilation environment during application. 

3. Before spraying polyurea, professional spraying equipment should be used and the equipment should be debugged. 

4. Before spraying polyurea, check whether the substrate needs to be polished. 

5. During the application of primer, the primer materials shall be fully mixed and used under closed conditions to avoid primer accumulation, bubbles and other phenomena. 

6. Professional personnel are required to operate the spraying equipment.


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Post time: Oct-10-2022